Do you spend time thinking about who you are and what you stand for?

Challenging young professionals around the world –Dorus H. de Vries

We’ve been working with business owners and c-level executives for quite some time. On top of the pyramid the vision and mission of the company is formed. While it is inspiring to listen to the bold ideas and beliefs of these leaders, I found a target group more in need of help.

Let’s face the facts: Employee engagement is at an all-time low. Only 13% of employees says to be engaged. Continue reading

"Your online reputation...” – Dorus H. de Vries

Meeting inspiring people in coworking spaces –Dorus H. de Vries

The idea of co-working is simple. You help each other out by sharing knowledge, skills and you invite each other to work on projects.

The fun part is: coworking spaces exist almost anywhere in the world, and they are always very open to meet new people. Continue reading

Walking on Boulevard Croisette – Dorus H. de Vries

Arriving in Cannes: Google’s Creative Sandbox– Dorus H. de Vries

We’ve been driving for an hour through the beautiful French Riviera, as we get closer to our destination: Cannes. We follow the signs towards the Palais de Festival, the HQ of the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity.

We’re turn right on the Boulevard de la Croisette, when I ask our driver to stop. From here everything is walking distance. Continue reading

Dorus H de Vries – Biking through Amsterdam to meet with Kirsten Jassies

Discussing the Potential of Online Personal Branding with Kirsten Jassies

In the beginning of 2013 I met with Kirsten Jassies, Product Manager of Blogtoday at the Sanoma HQ, to talk about influencer marketing, advertorials and bloggers. Now, one year later, I see an update of Kirsten where I notice that we share the same interests again: online personal branding, or as I prefer to call it now: online reputation management. Continue reading

Dorus H de Vries – CoolBrands Project in Brazil

Dorus de Vries – Project in Brazil

In my last year as a student at the University of Applied Sciences in Amsterdam, I wanted to get a taste of working abroad. Obtaining some international business experience and being submerged into a different culture.
I got very enthusiastic about São Paulo. The companies and projects that I found there were ambitious and had a creative look and feel: that’s where I wanted to go.
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