About Dorus de Vries

Dorus H. de Vries is a ‘Digital Storyteller’ and founder of Young CoolBrands. Working with CoolBrands enables him to travel with a purpose. One of his latest projects was creating online communications and multimedia for a ‘Storytelling Expedition Into Brazil Food’. Brazil –being a large exporter of commodities– has a big role in the global food market. Brazil is ready for the next step: shift from exporting commodities to brands. CoolBrands created a book in which they tell the story of a new business model for the food industry, where 13 Brazilian food brands are working together as a team. The book is used to showcase Brazil’s creative leadership at global food fairs. Dorus’ mission was to add some ‘Harry Potter magic’, a digital layer of ‘Augmented Reality’ to the book, to bridge the offline events with the online world.

Dorus grew up in the fast changing digital world. Ever since he was young, he has been adapting digital media into his lifestyle. Dorus found that in this time where people are facing an increasing shortage of time and an increasing range of choices, the strongest way of communicating is to create short stories. They are easy to understand and ready for word-of-mouth.
Dorus believes stories should be about the ‘why’ businesses and people do the things they do. He calls this ‘why’ the story driver: “Answering the ‘why’ of every action or decision you make, will unveil your purpose and lead your story in the right direction.” After all, people want to do business with you because of ‘who you are’ and ‘what you stand for’.

While Dorus is based in Amsterdam, he uses the power of online networks to reach out behind his social horizon, and create a worldwide network. While Dorus travels the world to help (young) professionals draft and share a strong story online, he continuously gains knowledge and spots new and upcoming trends.


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